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Our Ecosystem

Online Blockchain is the UK's leading blockchain company.

Revolutionising the world with cutting edge research and development, Online Blockchain is leading innovation in cryptocurrency and decentralised ecosystems.

  • Incubating exciting cryptocurrency startups.
  • Developing technical innovation in the blockchain space.
  • Setting the standard for the decentralised tomorrow.
decentralised economy

An ecosystem of cryptocurrency projects and solutions

Online Blockchain provide continuous development and maintenance for a number of cryptocurrency projects worldwide.

  • PlusOne Coin. A cryptocurrency that financially rewards community activity on popular finance forums such as ADVFN and iHub.
  • Happy Pool. A user-focused cryptocurrency mining pool backed by a strong community.
  • Brazio. Solving Brazil's banking problem, with a local cryptocurrency.
Current Innovation

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Argentina's cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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PlusOne Coin

Strengthening online communities by incentivising forum activity.

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Happy Pool

A user-friendly cryptocurrency mining tool, for everyone.

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A cryptocurrency for the people of Brazil.

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PTC Network

A cryptocurrency advertising platform with access to over 1bn impressions per month.

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Happy Miner

A user friendly mining experience.

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The hub for cryptocurrency faucets.

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Stop paying for games and become a true FREELOADR.

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Mooning Market

Buy and sell almost anything for Bitcoin

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Frequency Asked Questions

What Is Online Blockchain

Online Blockchain Plc works with and owns a 17.98% stake of ADVFN Plc. ADVFN is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), and was founded in 1999 by Clem Chambers and Michael Hodges.

What Is Online Blockchain's goal?

Online strives to incubate and foster exciting decentralised projects such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. With our industry partners, we hope to make a positive impact as custodians of benevolent projects.

Where can I learn about Online Blockchain's projects?

Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about our exciting projects.

Why is APoW better than Proof of Stake?

We believe adaptive proof of work to be the fairest consensus method for cryptocurrencies. Proof of stake has shown to lead to centralisation and unfair distribution of wealth in other projects.

What is Online Blockchain's goal with local cryptocurrencies?

Online Blockchain is empowering unbanked peoples in developing nations, by providing infrastructure for wealth storage and financial transactions.

How can I learn to mine cryptocurrency?

We provide mining guides for our cryptocurrency projects on their respective websites.

Mobile app

Buenos. Argentina's cryptocurrency ecosystem

The Buenos mobile application is providing a easy way for Argentinians to manage their funds, and transact with anyone. It will soon be available on these platforms.

PTC Network

PTC Network.

A cryptocurrency advertising network with access to over 1bn impressions per month.

The Board of Online Blockchain PLC are pleased to announce the launch of PTC Network, a cryptocurrency advertising platform harnessing paid to click advertising, across over 100 third party websites. Learn More

PTC Network is a distribution protocol which leverages the user-base of a network of over 100 Paid to Click advertisement publishers. Whenever an advertiser creates a PTC advertisement campaign using PTC Network, their advertisement is distributed across the various PTC advertisement websites automatically. PTC Network has been used by various startups and businesses to engage a highly targeted and engaged audience. PTC Network uses cutting edge algorithms to detect the geolocation of each user interaction, and offers robust analytics for advertisers.

The hub for cryptocurrency faucets. offers a variety of cryptocurrency faucets and has built a community around emerging and popular cryptocurrencies. is a platform by which new cryptocurrency projects can airdrop their coins to interested members of the cryptocurrency community. also offers new, interesting and experimental styles of faucets, such as Geofaucets. Geofaucets are real-life faucets that reward visitors with cryptocurrency. also offers a paid subscription, for users to build a varied portfolio of cryptocurrencies easily.

Buy or sell almost anything with Bitcoin is a marketplace where bitcoin is used for all transactions between buyers and sellers. Anyone can start a store on Mooning Market, or browse and follow their favourite stores

A robust escrow service is used to ensure buyer and seller security for all transactions.



Get all your favorite games for FREE just by running our application.

The FreeLoadr app enables the user to use computing power for Freeloadr Points that can be redeemed on the FreeLoadr store. There are over 3,000 titles, including some of the hottest new games.

PlusOne Specifications

PlusOne Coin

  • Name: PlusOne Coin
  • Type: Independent Blockchain
  • Symbol: PLUS1
  • Platform: Blockchain Protocol
  • General release: 21,000,000 PLUS1
General description

A cryptocurrency that financially rewards community activity on popular finance forums such as ADVFN and iHub.

PLUS1 is also used as an advertising tool, rewarding audience retention with coins.

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